Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Catching up

Haven't written in a while. So...

Congrats to the Dems for the end run around Dubya re: Middle East.

I'm voting for Hillary because: she already has 8 yrs experience in the White House, so won't have to start at square 1 on the learning curve (I love a good mixed metaphor); she's a woman; we'll also get Bill (will they now be Hillbilly?); I think she can be as effective in DC as she has proven to be in NY.

The Don Imus flap: Racism and sexism aside, I think we ought to acknowledge that this is the way some men, too many men, comment on women; particularly women who have accomplished something. Imus's comment made against college women on a winning basketball team has to be a first. Why they agreed to meet with him to hear "why" he said it, or "what he really meant" is beyond me. I don't think he'll be fired. I don't think he ought to be fired. I think he should lose his listnership. But I doubt that will happen. This is America.

Lately the media is bemoaning the rise in violent crime. Economy sags, crime rate rises.

The Middle East: Troops' tours are being extended and more reserve units are being sent overseas. I say if Bush is determined to stay in this war he ought to reinstitute the draft and make it an equal opportunity war. Of course, Bush himself never served. In fact, I recall seeing a picture of him when he had snuck into Iraq and he looked terrified.

Till next time